SOPPALIKU ... from Monolog to DIALOG

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I am convinced of one fact: In excess, 

there is an increased awareness of the truth of things

WHY dialog? 
DIALOG with who? 
HOW would we dialog?

"Soppaliku" (or metamorphosis) is a work that I conducted in 1996 (technical stylographie on fabric), and is a staging of two terms of an identity conflict in Senegal. A country shaken, over time and space by violent Arab and European cultural "attacks".

 There are cultural consequences as a result of these attacks. We note that in the Senegalese elite there is a social divide: One part being of the Arabized elite, while the other is of the westernized elite.

 "Soppaliku" exudes a certain melancholy that is personified by two characters who are suffering so intensely from the existential misunderstanding in which their historical legacy and current external environment exposes them.

 Should we reconcile these two extremes of cultural alienation?

 We must solve these cultural equations before tipping the African continent towards it's historical destiny: Unity ... Pan-Afrika.


(Metamorphosis and Alienation)
128 cm x 93 cm

Siggi_Taxaw_SEMEtt is for the cultural emancipation of Africa

Pofrima Selo